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Born from a love of cocktails mixed with a world wide pandemic Club Cocktails was formed in 2020. With the idea that even if clubs and bars are closed everyone still deserves the finer things in life. That’s why here at Club Cocktails we decided to take action! We decided that if no-one else would fill our insatiable appetite for great mixology then we would step up and take the mantle to the masses. Creating a unique blend of accessories to help fuel your mixology dreams from home, sharing the highest quality cocktail recipes and providing a subscription box service containing all that you need to create stunning, tasty and out of this world cocktails. It is with great pleasure that us here at Club Cocktails take you on a journey of mixology and fresh ingredients to create a perfect blend of normality and comfort.

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Here at Club Cocktails part of our vision was to be able to supply high quality ingreedients, recipies and mixers to people at home so they can recreate their favourite cocktailes without having to leave the house. Browse our menu to find your favourites. 

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